California Bay Cleaner


California Bay Cleaner


Multi-purpose Surface & Floor Cleaner

Most “natural” household cleaners are expensive and contain many hard-to-pronounce ingredients of questionable origin. After many years of buying these products, I learned how Native Californians used Bay as a way to keep bugs away from stored acorns and bark houses. I experimented with different formulas relying on Bay and other native plants to clean the counters and floors in our house until I finally found a product that I could share with the community.

DIRECTIONS: Disinfect Surfaces: Use on countertops, appliances, furniture and bathrooms.
 Clean Floors: Apply directly to wood or tile floors. 
Keep Bugs Outside: Spray at insect entry points.

The highly aromatic leaves of California Bay (Umbellularia californica) work effectively to clean surfaces. The Castanoan, Karok, Maidu, Mendocino, Pomo and Yurok Indians used Bay to protect their homes from bugs, freshen the air and bring good luck.

Kit-Kit-Dizze (Chamaebatia foliolosa), also called Miner’s Misery, is a member of the Rose family. It is a low-growing shrub that spreads into dense, knee-high thickets in the open pine forest. White flowers open from mid-spring to mid-summer. The leaves emit a pleasant fragrance, reminiscent of a walk in the forest after a winter rain.

Douglas-Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is an evergreen tree with leaves that disinfect and add a refreshing aroma to the home. Its branches are covered with dark-green needles, with tips that turn bright green in spring.
 NOTE: Bright green fir tips are high in Vitamin C and are also useful as a delicious, spring tea.

The leaves of Incense Cedar, a large, evergreen conifer native to the Sierra Nevada, provide a refreshing fragrance as well as helping to keep bugs outside. A controlled study of Incense Cedar essential oil showed its effectiveness in repelling bugs.

A primary use of distilled white vinegar is as a natural disinfectant for cleaning. Vinegar, throughout history, has been reputed to have strong antibacterial properties. A test by Good Housekeeping’s microbiologist found that 5% vinegar is 90% effective against mold and 99.9% effective against bacteria. 

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