Poison Oak Away


Poison Oak Away


The plants in this formula have been used extensively by native Californian tribes for skin inflammation. Used externally, the astringent properties of the leaf of Manzanita help to dry and protect the skin from the irritating oils within poison oak. Oak tree bark and acorn shells contain high amounts of tannins, which also work supportively as an astringent. In Europe, Oak tree bark is approved for the symptomatic treatment of minor skin inflammation. The Pomo utilized the leaves of California Bay as an analgesic to manage pain. Ceanothus leaves were used by the Diegueño Indians as a wash for itchy skin and the Pomo Indians and many other California tribes mixed the flowers of Ceanothus with water to form a soap useful in washing off oils.

DIRECTIONS: Spray liberally on skin immediately after exposure. Take a cool shower and reapply if rash appears.

NOTE Do not use on advanced cases of poison oak with broken, exposed skin.

    •    Whiteleaf Manzanita leaf (Arctostaphylos viscida sub. viscida)
    •    Oak bark and acorn shell (Quercus) species
    •    California Bay Laurel* (Umbellularia californica)
    •    Ceanothus leaf and flower (Ceanothus cuneatus)
    •    Vinegar white distilled

Weight .6 lb

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